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Myofascial Pain Study Centre - effective pain management in Fairfield, Melbourne - The Myofascial Pain Study Centre of Fairfield in Melbourne’s North Eastern suburbs was established in 1986 by Mr Andrew Gallagher to provide advanced training in Myofascial Pain Management methods including dry needling for health practitioners. Clinical services are available for the treatment of complex musculoskeletal pain, including headaches, neck, shoulder, back and jaw pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injuries, sciatic pain, arthritis and temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

Country:, Oceania, AU

City: 143.2104 , Australia

  • GuitarGuy - Flimsy vs Costcos Dixie plate bulk packs.

    I got these because they were dixie, we normally buy this bulk pack from costco but i was putting together subscribe and save items and this was an option so I went this direction.

  • rw80227 - Very Disappointed

    Purchased this believing that it could actually convert blue-ray movies for viewing on my pc and handhelds. It won't play a blue-ray movie for starters, how pathetic to have blue-ray authoring software that won't play back it's own compilations. As far as getting audio to work right forget it, you have no control choosing audio tracks. The fit to disk indicator bar value changes after you start burning a disk, so you don't know if the project will really fit on a disk or not. I did find a DAPlayer for free on the web that plays blue-ray movies. If you have NO need for blue-ray support this software is ok, but ArcSoft is way better. I wasted my money on this and as far as technical support goes I have never gotten a response as of yet. Do more shopping before you decide to buy this software!

  • CCCC - Cranky

    This help keep me a little more level headed and relaxed. I work in retail so dealing with ridiculous people is unavoidable so this helps me keep my attitude at bay. Took sometime to get in my system but once it did I was golden.