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  • Kim61 - You will NOT be disappointed!!

    I read quite a lot of the "paranormal" romance books and I have to say that this one is very good, I was drawn into the story especially when Derek had shown a particularly "human" side to himself in chapter 20. I knew then that I was ensnared in Derek and Sofia's story and there was no turning back at that point...I had to hurry and download the next book before I even wrote this review, almost like I was afraid it would disappear before I could get to it, that should tell you something.

  • andreas - Great looking head light and shipped fast

    Great looking head light and shipped fast. but had 2 issues with it. The stock screws rust and when your running lights are on at noght and you go to signal you can barely see them flash. Same goes for when you break. I will be ordering different ones for safety.

  • B. Purcell - Good deal!

    I read a ton of reviews on all the review sites and I can now add my own; the F63 is a great treadmill. I don't see how people can spend $3000 on treadmills when this one does everything I could possibly need. My daughters and I absolutely love having it.

  • Amazon Customer - Honda got it right!

    Honda got it right! I own the EX cvt version which performs well. I can't see reason to buy a turbo version of this car except to get yourself speeding tickets.

  • ArtemisOfLight - EA messed up AGAIN

    I was so excited. Mom gave this to me as a gift and when I went to install it, I was rudely surprised to discover that I HAD to have an Origin account to play it. ALSO, I have to be online to play it. Excuse me?! I didn't wait a decade for a game that I can't play on my own terms. Do you all see how much this thing costs? Why did EA restrict it like that? I'm not interested in playing online with other people. I avoid online play because it's unpredictable, vulnerable, and there are too many 'discourteous' people out there.