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Welcome to Nuga Best India | Thermal Massage Bed N4 | Tourmanium Mat NM-85 - Nuga Best has remarkable outcome to structure the sales network around the world over 8500 Nuga Best Houses in only 11 years of its establishment, beginning with China and expanding to more than 101 countries including major countries like US, Russia, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Germany, Denmark, South Africa, Paraguay and others.

  • http://www.nugabest.co.in/index-2.html Welcome to Nuga Best India | Thermal Massage Bed N4 | Tourmanium Mat NM-85 - Nuga Medical India as desired by you has been constantly striving hard to reach every nook and corner of India with its main objective of making a healthy India.
  • http://www.nugabest.co.in/about_us.html Nuga Best India - ABOUT US - Nuga Best has remarkable outcome to structure the sales network around the world over 6500 Nuga Best Houses in only 9 years of its establishment, beginning with China and expanding to more than 75 countries including major countries like US, Russia, India,
  • http://www.nugabest.co.in/products.html Welcome to Nuga Best India | Thermal Massage Bed N4 | Tourmanium Mat NM-85, MHP-100 Multi heating pad, NM-70 Joint Care, NM-85 NM-80 Heating Mat - Tourmanium is NUGA unique material made with tourmaline, germanium, volcanic rocks and elvan. Tourmaline is the only type of mineral that retains its electrical characters permanently and is called polar crystal. Tourmanium ceramic of internal floodlight boosts heating and far infrared/anion emission.
  • http://www.nugabest.co.in/news.html Nuga Best India - NUGA NEWS - Nuga Best India updates News, other inforation, products description on website time to time.
  • http://www.nugabest.co.in/certification.html Nuga Best India - NUGA BEST CERTIFICATION - NUGA BEST has certified with FDA Registration as Class I Product which indicates the global standardization of quality system and conformed to the rules stipulated by the EU in terms of product safety, Health environment & Consumer protection.
  • http://www.nugabest.co.in/technology.html Nuga Best - NUGA TECHNOLOGY - The benefits of massage therapy are widely known and go well beyond simple enjoyment. Some of the effects are: relaxes the muscles and tendons, increases flexibility, reduce anxiety, improvement in insomnia, balances the muscles, increases circulation and blood oxygenation, reduces pain. Many, many more benefits have been reported. Same NUGA BEST Therapy also provides the simple massages to the whole body to get rid of pain from different points on the body, give relief to the body stress or can enjoy the simple body massage Therapy from NUGA BEST.
  • http://www.nugabest.co.in/in_india.html Nuga Best Houses in India | Nuga Centres in India - NUGA Medical India has opened its NUGA Best House where the free Therapy has been provided to the direct customers who are sufferings from various pains and diseases.
  • http://www.nugabest.co.in/contact_us.html Nuga Best India - CONTACT US - M/s NUGA MEDICAL INDIA PVT. LTD.A-76, Sector 83, Opp. NSEZ, Phase-II, Noida (U.P.)-201 305Mail: [email protected] No: +91 0120 4783000Fax No: +91 0120 4783001
  • http://www.nugabest.co.in/testimonial.html Nuga Best India - CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS - NUGA is the best therapy, No medicine, No Exercise. My knee pain and back pain relieved a lot in just five days of NUGA bed use. I do not feel tired at all even after continuous working for 8hrs. Feeling glow on my skin after using NUGA sonic, skin is so soft like a small baby.

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  • Amazon Customer - Not for me, but still good

    These earphones are great in quality and sound, however I have sensitive ears and these were very uncomfortable. I can only wear them for about an hour before my ear pain becomes unbearable (maybe I have a low pain tolerance too, so it could very well be my fault). I also wear glasses so putting these on so that the silicon wouldn't overlap meant I had to remove my glasses first. Aside from this, the sound quality and overall material quality of these are good. I don't hear and background noise when I wear them and they were very easy to setup. They came in a nice hard box and the travel case is convenient. I took a gamble and got these knowing I dislike earbuds, and I wish I could like these for myself, unfortunately, I really need a set that can be worn for at least 2 hours and these are too uncomfortable for my small ears.

  • cassijean - Seemed too big, but it's perfect!

    I can't say enough good things about this mat. The size is HUGE, but a huge bonus when it comes to measuring and cutting fabric. The dark/light sides create the perfect contrast for all different fabric color and patterns.

  • Chester Smith - Just returned for the second time - need a new brand I guess

    I am now preparing my second almond for a return to Amazon - the screen is defective and it keeps having to be completely reset and set up from scratch every couple of weeks. Love the idea but not the execution.

  • ReginaB. - A waste of money

    This might work for someone with dry/damaged hair. I have babyfine hair and this product leaves it even limper! :( There is no bounce at all in my hair. The only reason i gave it 2 stars rather than one is because my hair does seem shiny and healthier, and it feels very soft. Unfortunately, my hair LOOKS so bad that I can't continue to really use it. (I did keep it to use after swimming, since chlorine is so harsh. But I can't use it if I actually plan on leaving the house.) Again, it might work great for someone with thicker, coarser hair than mine. For me, it was really a let down.

  • Heather - seems pretty protective. The edges are raised enough even with ...

    The case fits snugly and at least superficially, seems pretty protective. The edges are raised enough even with a tempered glass screen protector where I feel comfortable that the screen will be safe if it dropped on the front. The ports fit perfectly over the speakers and the buttons are easily accessible (at least much more than the defender). My aftermarket charger also fits through the port which is nice. Only problem is that mine came in just a plastic bag with the instruction sheet and warranty information, no plastic packaging? I hope it's not counterfeit...

  • Kelly M Adams - Great rechargeable light that you can use anywhere

    I love this light. I have purchased two of these light. They work so well, and the lights are really bright. I really like that the mount is magnetic, the other side is #m tape. You could stick these anywhere. I have used mine in the bathroom. You don't have to worry about being able to find the light at night. The motion sensor is 360 degrees, so it picks up movement easily. It also shuts off after about 3 seconds if there is no movement. This keep the battery from running down. There are several of these lights on the market, I like that this one is rechargeable. It uses a usb cord that it comes with to recharge. I would absolutely buy more of these. I'm thinking of putting them in the closets. I did receive this product at a discount for my honest review.