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Abortion Clinic | Brisbane & Gold Coast | Options Clinic - For abortion & unplanned pregnancy advice visit our clinic in Gold Coast or Brisbane. Discreet service, supportive staff & high standards of medical care.

  • http://www.optionsclinic.com.au/abortion-options.html Unplanned Pregnancy Options | Options Clinic - Read our information on unplanned pregnancy options. Including the pregnancy, terminations of pregnancy & what's involved so you can make an informed choice.
  • http://www.optionsclinic.com.au/abortion-services.html Abortion Services | Medical & Surgical Abortion | Options Clinic - Offering medical & surgical abortion services at our Gold Coast & Brisbane clinics. Find out about each procedure or view contraceptive alternatives.
  • http://www.optionsclinic.com.au/medical-abortion.html Medical Abortion | Abortion Pill Queensland | Options Clinic - Nonsurgical abortion uses two different abortion pills to terminate a pregnancy. Call our Brisbane or Gold Coast clinic for an appointment
  • http://www.optionsclinic.com.au/surgical-abortion.html Surgical Abortion Procedure | Options Clinic - Surgical abortions are the safest and fastest option to terminate a pregnancy. Contact our caring & discreet day surgery in Brisbane or the Gold Coast.
  • http://www.optionsclinic.com.au/sexual-health-services.html Pregnancy Testing & Sexual Health Services | Options Clinic - Options Clinic provides a range of pregnancy-related & sexual health services including contraception, counselling and care after an abortion.
  • http://www.optionsclinic.com.au/pregnancy-testing-and-counselling.html Pregnancy Testing & Counselling | Options Clinic - Options Clinic provides pregnancy testing services, both urine & blood tests, as well as pregnancy counselling to help them make an informed decision.
  • http://www.optionsclinic.com.au/ultra-sound-examination.html Ultra Sound Examination | Options Clinic - We perform an ultrasound examination at our clinic to confirm the age of the pregnancy & where it is positioned so we can perform a safe abortion.
  • http://www.optionsclinic.com.au/contraceptive-management.html Contraceptive Management | Options Clinic - We also provide a range of contraception options for you to choose from, with experienced staff to advise on the best contraceptive method for you.
  • http://www.optionsclinic.com.au/sti-management.html STI Management | Options Clinic - At our clinic we test for STIs, confirming types of infection so we can start treatment at the time of the procedure.
  • http://www.optionsclinic.com.au/appointments.html Things To Know For Your Abortion Visit | Options Clinic - Everything you need to know about your appointment at our abortion clinic, including what to bring, what to eat & drink, anaesthetics, abortion fees & more
  • http://www.optionsclinic.com.au/faq.html Frequently Asked Questions About Abortion | Options Clinic - Some common questions we receive regarding medical & surgical abortions, including the procedure, what happens during & after your appointment & more.
  • http://www.optionsclinic.com.au/contraception-and-sexual-health.html Contraception & Sexual Health | Options Clinic - Follow these links for more information on contraception & sexual health, or call our Brisbane clinic or Gold Coast clinic regarding any queries.
  • http://www.optionsclinic.com.au/contact.html Contact Us - Make An Appointment | Options Clinic - To arrange an appointment for consultation, please contact either our Gold Coast or Brisbane abortion clinics using the details provided.
  • http://www.optionsclinic.com.au/abortion-brisbane.html Abortion Clinic Brisbane - Spring Hill | Options Clinic - Our licensed day hospital in Brisbane is accredited under strict guidelines that ensure best practices in medical safety, confidentiality & care are upheld
  • http://www.optionsclinic.com.au/abortion-gold-coast.html Gold Coast Abortion Clinic - Tweed Heads | Options Clinic - Our abortion clinic on the Gold Coast has an unblemished safety record & superior facilities, ensuring best practices in medical safety, privacy & care.
  • http://www.optionsclinic.com.au/oral-contraceptive-pill.html Oral Contraceptive Pill | Options Clinic - Our doctors can provide a script for the oral contraceptive pill, also known as the birth control pill.
  • http://www.optionsclinic.com.au/contraceptive-injection.html Injection Contraception (3 monthly injection) | Options Clinic - This contraception is an injection that Women only need to receive every 12 weeks to prevent pregnancy.
  • http://www.optionsclinic.com.au/implanon-insertion-and-removal.html Implanon - Insertion & Removal | Options Clinic - The Implanon Implant is a small contraceptive implant protecting against pregnancy for 3 years. It can be inserted during your procedure.
  • http://www.optionsclinic.com.au/iud-insertion-and-removal.html IUCD Insertions & Removal | Options Clinic - We can insert or remove IUCD contraceptive devices. IUCDs are 98% effective & work for 5 years.

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