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  • Purchasing Maniac - Works good

    Girlfriend is a snorer, she was hesitant to try this but, when i woke up in a better mood and making her breakfast she was thrilled to wear it again lol occasionally lets out a little snore. Cant use it with cold as she cant breathe, also really for those who snore from their mouths not nose

  • Leonard Sweeten - May not work for you.

    I was hopeful. I have siriusxm and only listen occasionally to one am station. This did not even get reception unless my hand was on it. Since I can't hold onto it while driving I shall be returning it. It would have been nice to have it work as it would save me from removing the stock antenna before every car wash. Funny the reviews are mixed. I wonder why it works for some but not others.

  • nolimits3 - I would like to see some side notes for Apple Mac users ...

    I think it is a little word heavy, the explanations could be a bit more concise but overall it has given me insights into Microsoft Office that just working with it does not give you. I would like to see some side notes for Apple Mac users however!

  • Dwayne - no regrets

    Easy to program and works like a charm.You won't regret this purchase. The price here is much cheaper compared to dealership.

  • T. E. Bryan - Long-sought solution

    I have a cat that has urinated on the carpet in four different places we've lived--most recently in the living room of my new apartment. In the past, I tried many different sprays and concoctions in combination with spot cleaning my carpet to eliminate the odor, but nothing has ever worked for more than a day or so. This time I purchased Urine Off because I saw several people online had recommended it. I spot cleaned the carpet with my Bissell and sprayed Urine Off on it, and the embarrassing and irritating smell I hadn't been able to mask was gone the next day and I haven't smelled it since. To me, this is a miracle.