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Renovacap - Centro de formación dirigido a conductores profesionales tanto de mercancías como de viajeros. Empresa dedicada a favorecer y mejorar las competencias profesionales de las personas trabajadoras en el sector transporte

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City: -3.684 , Spain

  • Ashley - Not for everyone

    My sister loves this but it did not agree with me I didn't have a jittery sensation of anything but queazy feeling wretched I ate something at the time I took it or not. And it may take more than 2 weeks for that feeling to pass.

  • Fitaly - Quick shipping but takes time to see a difference

    So I decided to look into some products to help brighten my face and help me look and feel more rejuvenated. I have worked some very odd hours over the past few years and tack on the sleeplessness that comes along with a baby, I noticed that I started to get some serious under eye dark circles. It has gotten to the point that I was afraid to wear a lot of makeups because for some reason instead of masking the zombie sleeplessness look, they seem to highlight it. I am no makeup expert so I am sure there are many products that can do just that--but I don't have them and I am not someone who wears a lot of makeup regularly. Therefore, I decided it might be time to look into some moisturizes and creams to bring vitality back into my face.

  • Geraldine - Fake perfume

    I purchased this perfume through the amazon website and was surprised and disappointed to receive a fake product. Thankfully amazon took charge of the situation and I received a refund. I will never order or buy perfume online again.

  • C. Blunt - No good way to input expenses.. worthless!

    I purchased this product because it was being pushed on me by a CPA. She said that it would save her time and in return save me money if I input my information into Quick books instead of in my Open office Excel type file. I purchased it hoping that it would just keep track of my expenses and provide a clean format that would organize my expenses in taxable catagories. I have since had a 1 hour training session at 65$ per hour with a CPA and she told me the only way to keep an expenses log would be through a journal. The journal through Quickbooks is horrible. You have to have to create a journal for each day you have an expense and there is no way that I can see to quickly print out an expense log. Also, when you create a journal each day must be balanced so there is no way to keep a log of expenses and then tally at the end of the month so I can pay myself back with a single check.

  • Roibeard Ó Saoraidhe - it was a bit too big to fit nicely in my medium Timbuk2 bag

    The medium doesn't seemed to be sized to fit the medium bag. Although it does it's job protecting my camera admirably, it was a bit too big to fit nicely in my medium Timbuk2 bag.