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Resumo Apostilas - A Resumo Apostilas é uma empresa especializada em materiais digitais para concursos públicos. Formada por uma equipe altamente especializada, a Resumo Apostilas produz instrumentos auxiliares voltados para sistematização do estudo e fixação dos conteúdos cobrados nas provas das principais bancas de concursos de todo o Brasil.

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  • Richard Bissell - THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE STATE RETURN! I guess it's ...

    THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE STATE RETURN! I guess it's my mistake, but I was comparing prices and the was the same color, and was called Deluxe, and I assumed that it included State. Why is it called Deluxe and does not include State?


    I recently bought this stubby antennea because it was nice and small and looked alot better the the standard mast antennea on the wrangler. So I installed in less then a minute. I already expected not to get the same reception quality, but i hardly use the am/fm radio, because i have sirius and pandora. However, when I went to try it not one station came through. I live in the heart of Long Island, where radio reception is very strong, and this antennea could not pick up one station. Too bad, it looked great on my jeep though. Go for the 13" antennea, looks good, and works 90% of the original, just not as cool looking as the stubby.

  • DesertDweller - Good Value Wrenches

    These wrenches are a great value for the money. They seem to be well made and should last a long time.

  • Arthur - Amazon was great. The notebook arrived when they said it would

    Amazon was great. The notebook arrived when they said it would, with no apparent damage. The notebook fired right up and, after getting rid of all the adware and unwanted programs, works as it should. Be aware that the memory cannot be upgraded as it is soldered into the motherboard. I should have researched this more thoroughly. Other than that I am satisfied with my new pc.

  • gary - Kudos to the inventor of Tubshroom!!!

    Kudos to the inventor of this fantastic product!! You have truly "built a better mouse trap! I have tried many tub gadgets to prevent hair clogs. My tub is particularly difficult as I have a bath fitter which is a new tub set over an old tub. While esthetically it looks much better, I have battled slow drainage for years. I have been using the xo drain protector product with regular flushes with chemical drain and hair clog products. This has worked reasonably well but with the Tubshroom I am able to take showers with full pressure with absolutely no back up of water in the tub. After my shower I remove and clean the Tubshroom and am amazed that it has collected literally twice the hair of any other drain product I have used. My girlfriend and daughter both have long hair and claim they have no backup of water with this product. I am a sucker for gadgets and have bought numerous one on Amazon, Groupon and other websites. Some are duds. I can honestly say that this product works better than any gadget I have bought especially drain hair protectors. I give it 10 STARS!!

  • Lloyd Hughes - All the different types of music i have listened to with these seem excellent.

    I have used a number of different Bluetooth sports headphones in the past with varying results around quality and battery life. These headphones are one of the best sets I have used and I had no problems with them. I have had these a few days and used them on a couple of longish runs, i found them to be very comfortable and the sound quality is better than I have had from wired headphones.

  • Rebekah H. - 5 wraps, 1.5 inches lost, loose skin still terrible

    First off, I didn't buy the wraps from this site or any other amazon account, but I have purchased and used 5 total from an actual ITWORKS distributor. I did lose an inch the first time I used the wrap around the belly button region. I bought these because I was told it would tighten my loose skin after having children. My youngest is five now and even with diet and exercise my skin is still wrinkly from being stretched. I have not noticed the least bit difference in fading stretch marks or making my skin tighter. I have also used defining gel in between. No difference. I was really disappointed, because I have seen so many people post photo's of results that were great with loose skin. I am beginning to wonder if they're using diff things to improve and giving credit to ITWORKS, because I have NEVER met someone personally that got great results like a lot of people advertise. So, if you're wanting a one inch reduction in size, buy it. But, after five wraps I have lost a total of 1.5 inches and my skin doesn't look any better. You will get quicker and better results from diet and exercise.