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Sinclair CRO Research Services & Research Animal Models | Sinclair - Sinclair is dedicated to providing the highest quality research services and animal models for pharmaceutical, medical device & animal health. See more.

  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/about-us/ About Sinclair Preclinical Research Services | Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers preclinical research services in a large range of animal species including miniswine (minipigs). Learn more about our preclinical services.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/about-us/history/ History | Sinclair Research - Sinclair started as an environmental toxicology services laboratory and today offers preclinical drug and device toxicology research services. Learn more.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/about-us/facilities/ Sinclair's Contract Research Organization Facilities | Sinclair  - Sinclair has CRO facilities in Missouri and Maine. Learn more about our substantial facilities and our strong commitment to animal welfare.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/about-us/research-staff/ Research Staff | Sinclair Research - Sinclair has multidisciplinary staff to design, execute, and communicate your studies. Learn more about our research staff.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/about-us/consultants/ Specialized Research Consultants | Sinclair Research - Sinclair has outside consultants to provide needed expertise for specialized research, including stem cell therapy. Learn more about our consultants.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/about-us/client-testimonials/ Testimonials | Sinclair Research - Sinclair enjoys many complimentary accolades (testimonials) from our research clients. Learn more about our testimonials on toxicology research.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/about-us/news-events/ News and Press Releases | About Us | Sinclair Research - Sinclair is actively involved in educational endeavors at national level meetings. Learn more about our noteworthy news and press releases.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/about-us/news-events/events-upcoming-conferences/ Events & Upcoming Conferences | Sinclair Research - Sinclair is actively involved in national level meetings to provide ready access for clients. Learn more about our noteworthy events & upcoming conferences.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/about-us/careers/ Careers in Specialized Research | Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers dynamic careers to dedicated and experienced workers. Learn more about our research staff and apply for an position today!
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/research-services/ Biomedical Research Services Overview | Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers biomedical research services under many specialty biomedical research areas, including toxicology, pharmacology, diabetes & more. See more.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/research-services/pharmacology/ Preclinical Pharmacology Research Services| Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers efficacy pharmacology services, including pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. Learn more about our pharmacology research services.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/research-services/toxicology/ Preclinical Toxicology Research Services | Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers efficacy toxicology services, including toxicokinetics. Learn more about our toxicology research services.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/research-services/surgical/ Surgical Research Services and Studies | Sinclair Research - Sinclair Research provides surgical studies, capabilities, models and services ranging from simple procedures to complex, invasive surgery. Learn more.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/research-services/medical-devices/ Medical Device Research & Testing | Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers services for medical devices, including cytotoxicity, sensitization, irritation, systemic toxicity,  subchronic toxicity & more. Learn more.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/research-services/pharmacokinetics/ Pharmacokinetics Research Services | Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers services for pharmacokinetics, including small and large molecules in a wide range of species, global protocols & more. Learn more.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/research-services/good-laboratory-practice-glp/ Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) Research Studies | Sinclair - Sinclair offers good laboratory practice (GLP) testing for human and animal drug submissions. Learn more about our GLP research services.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/research-services/target-animal-safety/ Target Animal Safety | Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers target animal safety studies for veterinary or animal health products. Learn more about our target animal safety (TAS) research services.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/research-services/animal-models/ Preclinical Animal Models | Miniswine | Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers standard animal models for preclinical research. Others are available for various types of non-preclinical biomedical research. Learn more.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/research-services/specialty-studies/ Specialty Studies and Research Services | Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers specialty designed studies for new technology products. Some studies are created from scratch, others adopt published procedures. See more.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/therapeutic-areas/ Overview of Therapeutic Areas | Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers research services in many therapeutic areas including metabolic diseases, diabetes, inflammation, dermal & more. Learn more.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/therapeutic-areas/metabolic-disease/ Metabolic Diseases Therapeutics | Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers research services in metabolic diseases, including diabetes, obesity, and dyslipidemia. Learn more.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/therapeutic-areas/diabetes/ Diabetes Therapeutic Testing | Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers diabetes research services. Learn more about our diabetes research studies.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/therapeutic-areas/inflammation/ Inflammation Drug and Joint Studies | Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers inflammation based disease models and research services. Learn more about our inflammation model research studies.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/therapeutic-areas/dermal/ Dermal Toxicity Testing | Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers dermal animal models and research services. Learn more about our dermatotoxicology and dermatopharmacology research studies.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/therapeutic-areas/wound-healing/ Dermal Wound Healing Studies | Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers wound healing studies in miniswine models and wound research services. Learn more about our wound healing studies.

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