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    What worked last year had to be updated this year. Needed to deal with small home business and Premier wasn't up for it.

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    What a perfect read - everything about the Marriage Games #1 is right, right, right! But why? The story line & concept, CD Reiss' brilliant execution and some the most emotionally complex characters I've ever read. I can't even find my words...not easily at least but here goes.

  • Roslyn M. Santay - A Brilliant Display of Light!

    Every year my husband gets me a Swarovski star or snowflake for our anniversary. They truly are quality pieces of crystal. When the light hits them I have a rainbow effect in my living room. Displayed by our Christmas tree, they are breathtaking. They really are my favorite Christmas decoration but I display them all year! Because the ornament includes the year, it is easy to see what ornament represents our years of marriage. I love them!

  • Nicholas Sparagis - Terrible Company

    Essentially, they force you to update and then all my recurring credit card payments lost due to an update. I was supposed to charge these yesterday and still no answers. I saw another company that claims to have over 1,000 recurring payments. This is a big screw job. Is anyone testing anything over there? Talk about a company that needs some competition.