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  • molico - it gives a lot of good information but there's also a great deal of

    Well, it gives a lot of good information but there's also a great deal of, how can I say it..."exaggeration"-- in my opinion-- of what minerals can and can't do for you. My husband got the book (I gave it to him???) and went crazy with minerals, still taking 50 different bottles of pills a month plus mineral water etc. so be careful to whom you give this book to, make sure the person has a sound mind and can discard the "exaggerations" in the book. I recommend with reservations.

  • Anthony J Hill - CUBE!

    Got this for my son for Christmas. Hard to impress a 14 year old, but definitely got the thumb's up and WOW factor from an experienced speed cuber. Worth the little bit of extra coin.

  • Erin Bond - Good products

    I am doing a rapid fat loss diet program and am concerned with supporting my liver in detoxing and fat burning. I'm also taking the thyroid support. I really felt a difference with the thyroid support. The only difference I've noticed so far with liver support has been a tendency to get drunk faster so I take that to mean my liver is processing things faster now. :) I will continue to take both on my weightloss journey.