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  • Creative Sponge - Great mixture of different music styles.

    It is a great mixture of the years hits. Pop, rock, alternative, rap, and country. I always buy the Grammy CDs, it is better than purchasing 15 CDs and only listing to one song on each.

  • Nick - Use Your Existing Bracket

    It seems that many TVs have switched to the 200x100mm VESA format. This allows you to re-use your existing bracket

  • Deb just Deb - Whew I was glad to get this

    I was using Remedy Olivamine Skin Repair Cream, which is highly rated on Amazon, on my new tattoo. I had this because this is what I use daily. It's great stuff but no comparison to After Inked for tattoo work. I got a sizeable tat about a week ago. I didn't find After Inked until after I got my tat and put in on one week after I got the tat. I felt instant relief. It didn't feel so tight and dry. I really wish I would of had this from day one instead of toward the end. I'm sold. This stuff is the only way to go for tats.

  • Christina R. Sink - Awesome, great song!

    I rewatched the video and remembered the first time I saw the video, had to buy the song! I Love Heart! They are an awesome band!!

  • Jerry - Lots to learn

    Having gone from 2006 to the new 2014, lots of items have changed. Getting used to the changes will take some doing, but overall, I think the improvements will be worth the effort.

  • Bonnie Angus - Love it!

    Love this product! I used Biosilk for years and it was so easy to overdue it bc its so greasy but not with this! I color my hair and dry it so i get split ends and dried out hair easily but this stuff is like magic! Smells great and gets the job done! Would recommend to anyone! You wont be disappointed! I love all TIGI products!

  • amazonbob - ASUS Desktop

    Seems to function fine. Compact and easy to install. No screws to fasten the monitor plug to the back of the unit.