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  • Dana Cowen - Zeal

    Love it it a daily staple for me! I mix it 1 part orange juice and 2 parts cranberry juice! Then I'm set for my day!

  • Susan - Love it but it dies

    This was our 4th Haan, you would think we would learn our lesson. The 1st one we bought was awesome and worked for several years. So we replaced it with a Haan well that one died in 6 months when only using it once a week occasionally twice. So I went through the replacement process....Big Pain I mean really big pain. No shipping coverage by them even though it was under warranty. They finally replaced it and it lasted only 14 months. So we went with a deluxe style thinking it would be better. Well it has died again after 6 months of use. Wow I wonder what happened to their quality control out the window. My husband forbids buying another one he wants to wash his hands of Haan even though when it works it's awesome it's keeping it working is the issue. I do want to add that we follow all the instructions and the troubleshooting as well. Buyer beware!

  • Daniel H. McKinley - Bicycle Helmet Cam

    While this video camera is a generation old from Tachyon the quality of the video is exactly as needed to record a bicycle ride. The size and mounting options are excellent and while you can notice the weight on your helmet it is not cumbersome. However, the downside is the battery life. I have been unable to find Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries locally and financially I cannot justify spending $10 a day for disposable batteries. I attempted to buy and use rechargeable AAA batteries but the longest amount of time I can record is 20 minutes. Unfortunately most of my bike rides are at least an hour in length and many rides stretch beyond 2 hours. It was my hope to document my rides in the event I experienced another accident but the battery life issue has turned this camera into a paperweight on the desk.

  • Maximus1079 - ... tub take it from me this stuff is not good. Trust me it make your hair dry to ...

    I has been trying so many different shampoos and this was is still not working it has been a month and I see no change in my hair if any thing I see more hair in my tub take it from me this stuff is not good. Trust me it make your hair dry to best thing is try some thing better.