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  • ARyder - Get it now!!!

    Love love love it!! I'm his thing is awesome!! I got one to put in my window. Well I liked it so much I ended up getting 3!! The only down fall was that it was cheaper at Home Depot. So I got the first 1 on Amazon and the other 2 at Home Depot.

  • KYKellyK - No change yet:(

    I recently colored my hair, a shade lighter than normal. I went from a dark blonde to medium blonde and was left extremely brassy. I bought this at my local Walgreens store after reading the reviews. I love the fragrance and it lathers really well. I also did not have any problems with it drying my hair out like several of the other reviews mentioned. However, I have not noticed any change in the brassiness either. I am still hoping that after a few more uses that it could still help. I will post an update later.

  • Dan Deforest - SCAM!!!

    Anything to make a fast buck. these people should get a real job. I am currently paying for amazon, hulu and Netflix, all this does is send you to one of these sites!!! I believe false misleading advertisers should be sent to prison for life.

  • Matt - Good book if you have core competency in Windows server

    Great book, particularly for the cost. Yeah, online resources are awesome, but this has most issues that you'll encounter with Win 2012 when you are implementing and in a jam.

  • G. S. Peres - foul foul foul

    Growing up in South America, sometimes I had one of those emergency "nature calls" while in the road. Imagine that gas station, with nothing but the slimiest, dirtiest, most disgusting bathrooms, where the last 20 people to use it that day were overweight, hairy chested, mustached, wife-beater wearing men, filled with 3 pounds of pork and corn waiting to be slid out of their crap shoots. Now imagine all of those 20 guys didn't flush. That my friend, is Liquid Ass.

  • L. Stacie Vang - didnt work

    i put this in my drawers and the mice returned. the mice eventually left on their own. the scent is not too bad but it isn't ideal either.

  • SatisfiedW/BubbleB - Worth the price to stop my hair loss

    Love this product. My hair suddenly began falling out in September 2013, for no apparent reason. Hair falling out evenly all over, and the quality of strands had thinned to about 1/4 of what they had been. Hair loss increased to handfuls. Dr. said stress or shock as a cause would have already run it's course, so they ruled that out. Prescriptions and OTC hair loss treatments were difficult and unhelpful. Too many chemicals in most everything on the market. So I decided to go all natural with this shampoo and follow it with the Just Natural conditioner. Wow! I have only been using it, with nothing else, for less than a month. Week 1, hair feels healthier and bouncy. Week 2, I notice visibly less hair falling out. How do I know? Each time I shower, I pick up all the fallen hairs, pull hair out of the drain, collect the hair from my comb and my hands and off the floor into a pile to examine how much I was losing. I'd been doing that before I began using this product. I only wish I'd taken pictures. Week 3, at 3/4 less hair loss. Compared to my previous hair loss, I was shocked how little fell out this past week. Use both shampoo & conditioner if you try it.