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°HOTEL YASMIN BODRUM 5* (Turkey) - from NZ$ 357 | iBOOKED - Yasmin Bodrum - The pleasant 5-star Yasmin Bodrum Hotel is a great place to stay in Bodrum. This hotel is situated 16.

Country:, North America, US

City: -77.539 Virginia, United States

  • MinzinGeorgia - Love my Sensational Gel Kit

    Sensationail gel kit is such a money saver! It only took me two tries to master the gel technique and by my second color change it paid for itself. My nails are super thin and peel easily. I was worried that a home kit would not be strong enough to hold up to daily wear and tear but it does. I'm on week two of my second set and still in good condition although two weeks is about as long as it lasts for me. I suggest the purchase of the metal gel remover stick. Really helps to scrape off the gel without damaging the nail. Can use as a cuticle pusher too.

  • Calvin Himel - Great price, and performance.

    Very functional, back camera is great. Wish camera to camera cable was six inches more, but I installed it in a 2016 F-150, and would like it to be at the top of the rear window instead of the lower portion. But it was probably meant for an auto more than a crew cab truck. The menu isn,t as difficult to understand as some other vehicle cameras, but takes a little time. Down loading & picture celerity are good. I am satisfied with the overall performance for the price.

  • Old Man Muscles - Amazing Shave With A Quality Razor, at a Great Price.

    Last summer I bought in all the online hype about shaving with safety razors, so I own the Utopia care and Weishi 9306 safety razors. Though they give smooth shaves, I didn't think they did any better of a job than my Schick Hydro 5 blade razor. Regardless how or with what razor I shaved with, I had alot of growth after 2 days. I was using all 3 razors in rotation as part of my shaving habit, when I got down to my last blade for the hydro. When watching lots of wet shave videos on Youtube, I noticed many did reviews of the Dorco Pace 6. Since it was selling for $20 on Amazon, I decided to give it a try. I was very satisfied on the feel of the razor in my hand, and the shave I got from it. 10 blades and a razor for $20 is a great deal on it's on, but then a really close shave seals the deal for me. I've had 2 nick free shaves so far, and I'm impressed with the quality of the shave. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I don't think so. After shaving with a safety razor, the hydro, and now the Dorco Pace 6, I don't believe safety razors gives a closer less irritating shave. I'll use all 4 in my rotation, but I love this Dorco. For the price and smoothness of the shave, I see why the dollar shave club had it as their best razor.

  • Amazon Customer - I have 5 year old laminate floors and they look great.

    I don't understand the negative posts about this product. I had all the posted problems after applying another product (orange glo). It absolutely made a mess of my floors, I tried everything to clean and remove the mess. Then I tried Rejuvenate cleaner. It went on with ease and shines bright. It has been months since then and all I have to do is dry mop with terri cloth mop head. I have 5 year old laminate floors and they look great.