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  • Jazijaz - It left my hair like straw

    I have used this product 2 times. The first time I wanted to cry because I have damaged hair but after using this product my hair looked worse! I followed the instruction precisely so this didn't happen because I left it on my hair too long or washed off too early. The second time, well, I have the belief that we should always give a second chance and the result was the same.

  • Larry Sonstein - Problems Working with Mozilla Thunderbord

    Having issues with the program slowing Mozilla Thunderbird (my mail client) to a crawl on opening. Thunderbird works fine as long as I disable McAfee completely or start it in Thunderbird's "safe mode," which also blocks all McAfee items from running with Thunderbird, but as soon as I try to open normally, it takes 45-60 seconds for the program to open. Spent about an hour on the phone today with their tech support with no success. Their second tier support is suppose to call tomorrow and perhaps they can resolve the issue, but I will have to see.