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Ritalin and sugar - How many tylenol 3 equal one 7.5 hydrocodone. Tylenol 3 contains the relatively weak (by comparison are used to taking vicodin (which... Blog.cz - Stačí otevřít a budeš v obraze.

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  • J. Dempsey - Outdated

    There's more to publication now than simply the right query letter. Also, Independent (Indie) publishing is becoming more and more acceptable. You might be able to find better information by looking at writer's blogs--and those are free.

  • Caroline - great product!

    This product was recommended to me by a German doctor friend. If you feel a cold may be coming on,it keeps it at bay; if you have a cold, it alleviates symptoms and speeds recovery.

  • T. White - Just for arthritis

    My mom loves this product because it helps with her arthritis and the fact that she can get it in bulk helps.

  • A. Jablonski - Good for young skin, too

    I'm a male in my mid-20s but I actually really like this face wash. It keeps my sensitive skin clear, does not dry me out at all (in fact my face feels quite balanced after washing), and is actually really effective at keeping blemishes and acne at bay for me--more so than most acne washes, including the Murad acne face wash that I used to use. This wash is marketed as "Age Reform," but as someone with young and sensitive skin, this is my favorite face wash.

  • Satisfied Mike - Awesome Product

    Bought a 2009 Honda Odyssey Crossbars from Bernardi last Sept. 17 and I received the product just this afternoon! Quick and reliable service from Bernardi. Now, for the product review. I am somehow surprised and impressed that the crossbars are the original parts from Honda and for the price I paid for it, it is a steal!!! The product is much sturdier than I expected. Thick and high-grade pressed plastic (to the touch it feels like plastic but i reckon it has steel reinforcement inside). It has rubberized strip on top to prevent slipping of any cargo you might want to place on it. It comes with complete screws and washers but no instructional notes or manual. I got the intallation from google, of course! Installation was quite easy to figure out. Just a NOTE: YOU DON'T HAVE TO REMOVE THE FRONT-END OF THE RAIL. JUST SLIP IN THE SUPPORT BRACKET FROM THE REAR-END OF THE RAIL BECAUSE THE RAILING FROM THE FRONT-END IS CURVED AND THAT WILL PREVENT YOU FROM SLIPPING IN THE BRACKET.

  • Whaticrave - I think I finally found my eye cream!!!

    Very nice consistency and smell of cucumber makes this eye cream stand out and I love love love it!!!!!!! I have purchased so many eye gels, creams, serums that I really hate to think about it, but this one really impressed me. It is something I look forward to doing and using in the morning, it feels so refreshing and is packed with natural ingredients and organic infusions that are amazing and not animal tested. They also back this all up with a risk free money-back gaurantee!!!!! So....What are you waiting for?????? Buy Now!!!!

  • Carlyanne - Seems to work

    This seems to work, but we sprayed the house for bugs this year so I haven't seen many anyway. I just don't like that I need one for every room! Otherwise, it does seem to keep bugs away. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review.