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  • J. Joseph - Pain cream

    I received a FREE product from PINCHme. I received a small plastic 0.05oz sample card of Livrelief from Pinchme. It is a small blue and white card that you snap in two to squeeze out the pain relief cream inside. The information on the card says that it gets to the root of the pain and that it is long-lasting and non-irritating. It says anyone from two years and older can use this product. I like the ingredients some of which are Capsaicin, Calendula, Sunflower oil and Black Current. The color of the cream is a tan yellow beige color. It has a citrus type smell but I can also smell the undertones of the Black Current and Calendula. I really like applying this cream. It is very moisturizing and creaming. It also seem to soften my skin where it was applied. This cream seems to be of very good quality. The results of using the cream is after a few minutes of application it dampened the pain in the painful areas. What I also like about this cream is unlike some of the other pain creams that use a menthol base, I don't have to worry about going outside and catching a cold from the draft you get from the menthol creams. Also, if you don't particularly like smelling like Ben-gay this is an alternative. It is a good cream is you need a little pain relief that has natural ingredients that are also good for your skin and also add moisture to your skin.

  • Ronald H. Clark - Ruth Bader Ginsburg Speaks for Herself

    We have recently been treated to a host of books and articles on Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Forthcoming is an authorized biography by the two Georgetown Law professor editors of this collection of Ginsburg writing, as well as one by Teri Kanefield. In my opinion, no matter how many bios and articles you read about the Justice, your understanding of this remarkable lawyer and judge will be incomplete if you don't also review this collection of material authored by the Justice, spanning her life since the eighth grade. I really felt I came closest to understanding both the professional and personal Ginsburg from this book.

  • Stacy Doyle - LOVE THIS STUFF!

    This stuff is amazing! I've used it for years but sometimes it's hard to find in stores so i was thrilled when I found it on here! It's great to use on your hair if you want to smooth it out after a blowdry... without a greasy/thick feeling.

  • Donald Carnahan - Nice LARGE bottle. Holds more than other bottles, water and fruit.

    I recently purchased a glass infuser bottle so that I could use with my essential oils, but I also wanted to get a plastic one for everyday use and durability. This infuser bottle is LARGE! It holds atleast double if not more, than my glass bottle does. At first I was concerned with it being too large but it turned out to not be a problem. With the comfort grips specifically shaped for fingers on one side and thumb on the other it is easy to handle. It also fits in the cup holder in my truck, which was what I was worried about so I was very happy when I tested it! Also due to the size of this bottle, the infuser basket is wider (compared to my glass one where i have to chop my citrus fruit into tiny pieces in order to get it to fit in that basket) this one I can fit a lot more fruit in it without all of the work.