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  • Amazon Customer - I almost sent them back because the instruction sheet said ...

    I almost sent them back because the instruction sheet said for 2012 CRV. But,someone at amazon said they would fit my 2015. Also the, the screw holes did not line up. Then I read a review that said to turn the bar 180 degrees. So I did that and "voila", they lined up. Then I found the rear bar was not wide enough. I had the two screws on one side tightened and there was big enough gap on the other side that the screws would not reach in to the screw holes. So I loosened the other two screws enough so that the screws on the other side would start. Then I went back and forth tightening. The instructions could have been a little clearer. But, the end result is what counts.

  • Damien Margo - Decent Game And Somewhat Helpful For Guitar Education

    In general Rocksmith 2014 is an extremely viable product. It has a lot of room to improve but remains the best product in its class. I am, however, very disappointed about two specific issues. First is the outrageously expensive DLC. Based on this pricing I have no plans on ever buying any of the extra available songs, turning this into a somewhat dead-end experience. This ultimately limits the game because it comes with such a small number of songs to learn, and most of them are terribly annoying. So if you are a customer without hundreds of extra dollars to spend on songs after buying Rocksmith, you may want to avoid this product. The problem is so severe that 3rd party websites have popped up allowing Rocksmith 2014 users to take control of the DLC situation. Good job Ubisoft--I now need a 3rd party site?! The second major problem with Rocksmith 2014 is the developer's completely ignoring existing guitar education methods while attempting to re-invent the wheel. I can appreciate giving gamers a GUI that will ween them off Guitar Hero but Rocksmith 2014 has no traditional music staves or guitar tablature. Instead they've invented 3D music blocks that fly at you and have weird shapes. This leaves players without the foundation they will need to go out into the real world as musicians.

  • linli - Fine work! The price is a little expensive

    The long-awaited! Finally I want to buy something, the seller shipped fast! Fine work! The price is a little expensive! So 4 stars

  • Gary - Does not help

    Accomplished nothing with this product and, had much better results using dishwasher detergent, then vinegar and baking soda would not recommend purchasing. CHECK THE WEB FOR SMELLY FRONT LOADING WASHING MACHINE TO FIND ALTERNATIVE AND BETTER SOLUTIONS.

  • BRUCE ATKINS - Absolutely working

    Absolutely incredible mask sheet this one. My skin feels soft and cleaner immediately after use, and it’s so incredibly relaxing. I have oily skin with some spots that linger on after exposure to the sun. I find it horrible when the redness is added to the oily complexion. Using mothermade mask sheets is a new remedy I found through internet and I am glad it is there. Once I use the mask I don’t need to worry about redness for at least a couple of days. I don’t feel any bad reaction or tingling on my oily face after using rather it gives me sort of tone that is much balanced. As good as it feels afterwards, the experience of soothing while wearing it is not any less rewarding either. For best result, you will have to keep it cool in the fridge for half an hour. You will feel the difference.

  • Sparkalicious - Best baby invention ever!

    I wish I could rate this 100 stars b/c it's seriously the best snot sucker out on the market period.

  • Tatertat - Straps begining to fray

    We have had this carseat for about 4 months. My daughter loves it, always seems comfortable. Sadly we are returning it because the straps look like they are starting to fray. The sides are becoming a bit fluffy and I wonder what the straps will be like in several years if after a few months they are already doing this. Very unfortunate as my daughter seems so comfirtable, but her safety is more important.